Antisink Tracker

Track your boat with Antisink's easy-to-use app and one solid tracking unit that's easy to install

Price 2.990,- NOK

Price applies to tracking device and app. An active subscription is required for use.


Tracking unit "eShell tracker"

Technical details
CoverageWorld Coverage 2G and 4G connection
TrackingGPS, WiFi, AGPS, LBS
Battery lifeApprox. 1 year battery
ChargingRechargeable by USB-C
InstallationBuilt-in magnet and bolt-hole

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NOK 2.990,-

Antisink Tracker

kr 2.990,00

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Antisink Tracker is a rechargeable system that you easily install on your boat. This will communicate directly with your phone via its own app. It has been developed as a security supplement in the Antisink family. Here you will find several useful functions such as 1-click SOS button, theft protection, sharing your location with friends, etc. You can also save where all your fishing lines are, your best fishing/lobster spots etc.

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