Antisink is a Norwegian company that has invented a ground-breaking safety system for leisure boats, professional boats and emergency services at sea.

Antisink is a pioneer in securing systems within fixed rescue systems, as well as our casualty system for the rescue skates. We have now also come up with the Antisink Tracker, which we think will fit well into Antisink’s vision for a future towards the Zero Vision against the number of deaths at sea.

We can also proudly and documentedly state that we use the highest quality of our components that are available on the market. Antisink is in continuous development and we constantly strive to meet the market with the best solutions without compromising the quality, environment and sustainability of the end product.

Our story

The idea behind the company and the products was conceived as early as 1991. That year, and in the years that followed, several people died on the southern coast because the boat they were on sank. It was in particular a shipwreck on the Kvåsefjorden, a few nautical miles east of Kristiansand, that prompted the founder of Antisink, Geir E. Karlsen, to think of a way to keep boats that took in water afloat.

That was the idea at the time, but downturns in the oil industry in 2016 meant that Karlsen, like several thousand others in the industry, lost his job. He then brought up the idea of Antisink again, and in January 2017 he established the company. Later, more of us joined the Antisink team, and we will launch our first products now in 2022.


There are countless products on the market related to safety at sea. The majority of these are directly linked to personnel safety on board in the event of a shipwreck or accident. Antisink is concerned with personal safety, in the same way as other suppliers of safety products, but our aim with the products is to prevent shipwrecks.

We can therefore proudly say that with the help of Antisink’s own developed technology, with our unique solutions and products, we will prevent shipwrecks – and thus increase the probability of survival and being found.

Our product solutions are very robust, and designed with little maintenance in mind in a maritime environment.

All Antisink products are CE-marked, and follow current international standards for safety at sea. They are also compact, impact-resistant, waterproof and flame-retardant and can also be triggered manually.

Antisink is Norwegian-made, and has all the correct approvals and quality in all respects.

All of the components are reusable or recyclable. If Antisink has been triggered, it only needs to be repackaged before it can be used again. The only thing that needs to be replaced is the CO2 trigger while the CO2 bottle is refillable. Antisink can be easily installed and repackaged yourself using the installation instructions, but if in doubt it is recommended to contact your boat dealer for assistance.

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