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Antisink is a pioneer in securing systems within fixed rescue systems, as well as our casualty system for emergency rescue units at sea. We have now also come up with Antisink Tracker which we think will fit well into Antisink’s vision for a future towards the Zero vision of the number of deaths at sea.

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Antisink All-in-One

We have further developed the first edition – now you no longer need the main tank and hoses. It’s in the name “All-in-One“: the cassette contains everything and only needs to be mounted in the boat with the glue that comes with it. Same effect and quality as before, just much easier to install!

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Antisink Tracker

Antisink Tracker is a rechargeable system that you easily install in your boat. This will communicate directly with your phone via its own app. It has been developed as a security supplement in the Antisink family. Here you will find several useful functions such as 1-click SOS button, theft protection, sharing your location with friends, etc. You can also save where all your fishing lines are, your best fishing/lobster spots etc.

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Antisink Large Boats

Every year people die at sea, not only from drowning, but also from hypothermia when the boat capsizes. Many could have been saved, and that is exactly why Antisink was developed. Antisink Large Boats is a permanently mounted safety system with a large lifting force which is triggered automatically if water gets on board. This ensures that the boat stays afloat until help arrives.

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