Antisink Flip-Over

Antisink Flip-Over is mounted on a hardtop or targa bar, and turns the boat back automatically if it ends up the wrong way in the water.

Here everything is in the same way as in “All in One”, in the same cassette. We have chosen to use a white cover as this will be more exposed to sunlight.

Price NOK 6.490,-

Made to save lives

Every year people die at sea, not only from drowning, but also from hypothermia when the boat capsizes. Many could have been saved, and that is exactly why Antisink was developed. Antisink is a fixed safety system with a large lifting force which is triggered automatically if water gets on board. This ensures that the boat stays afloat until help arrives.

It is not only at sea that this product works. Should the accident occur when the boat is docked, Antisink secures valuables such as the engine and electronic components by keeping them above water for up to several weeks.

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Antisink Flip-Over

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Designed and produced in Norway

Antisink is Norwegian-made, and has all the correct approvals and quality in all respects. See the product table to know which package you need for your boat’s weight class.

Certified and solid

All Antisink products are CE and PI certified, and follow national and international standards for product safety and safety at sea. They are also compact, impact-resistant, waterproof and flame-retardant and can also be triggered manually.

Sustainability in mind

All of the components are reusable or recyclable. If Antisink has been triggered, it only needs to be repackaged before it can be used again. The only thing that needs to be replaced is the CO2 trigger while the CO2 bottle is refillable. Antisink can be easily installed and repackaged yourself using the installation instructions, but if in doubt it is recommended to contact your boat dealer for assistance.

Technical specifications
Product no. / modelDimensionsDimensions (inflated)Buoyancy
All in One 500580x185x80mm (LxBxH)1250x450x600mm (LxBxH)275 kg at 20 C’ | 256 kg at 0 C’

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